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Capricorn the Goat
December 23rd to January 20th
Capricorn is a cardinal sign.  Cardinal signs are active, self-motivated, usually ambitious, they like to generate momentum in any group of people in which they find themselves.  Capricorn, as an earthy and practical sign, generates activity according to the material rewards and actual results which will come from any type of self-assertion.  For this reason Capricorns always try to  plan their activities ahead and never do things on impulse.
How to recognize Capricorn

Remember Aesop’s slow tortoise, humorously crawling in that race.  He hasn’t a chance against the quick, bright hare.  But the flighty hare goes in all direction, forgetting the goal – the tortoise wins.  Observe the goat, as he scales the mountainside.  He hasn’t a chance against the strategy of the smarter humans who pursue him.  But the hunters fall behind as the sturdy goat climbs determinedly from crag to crag on his uniquely designed hooves – and the goat wins.

Where will you find the goat?  Just about anywhere he can advance or improve himself.   Anywhere he can advance or improve himself.  Anywhere where he can get ahead and further his secret ambitions.  The Capricorn is not a carefree party type.  He’ll be the admiring spectator in the background.  You may not even notice him at first as he quietly and calmly watches all the flashy, pushy, charming, aggressive and brilliant personalities around him.  Everyone in the group will seem to have superior equipment for the race.  Lots of them are bluffing, some of them are afraid, but they’re all highly polished and the Capricorn doesn’t seem to have a chance against them.  Yet, he will win.

Capricorns can be stocky and muscular, thin and wiry or plump and soft.  But no matter how the body is shaped, the goat will give the impression of being rooted to the spot, until he decides to move to another spot.

There’s always a faint aura of melancholy and seriousness surrounding the Saturn personality.  None of them completely escape the saturnine influence of stern discipline and self-denial.  Capricorns can look and  act as harmless as a feather quilt, but they’re as tough as a keg of nails.  They hammer away persistently, relentlessly, managing to digest insults, pressures, disappointments and duty as calmly as the goat digests rusty cans, broken glass and cardboard.  They steadily follow the upward path, with inbred faith in the security of the well-traveled road, and contempt for the enticing short cuts they know are full of pitfalls.

Capricorn has an enormous admiration for those who have preceded them to the top of the mountain, and who have laid down the laws for the journey.  They court success; they respect authority and honor tradition.   The goat could label his critics rash and foolish, but usually he’s too wise to make unnecessary enemies by indulging in such self-defense.  The Saturn-ruled submit.  They agree.  They adapt.  Or do they just appear to do so?  Capricorn allows others to walk in front of him, but he often gets there first, against all logic.  He’s careful to avoid the obstacles, the sharp rocks.  No wonder he seldom stumbles.  His eyes aren’t fastened on the stars.  He keeps his gaze fastened ahead, and his feet firmly planted on the ground.  Jealousy, passion, impulse, anger, frivolity, waste, laziness, carelessness – are all obstacles.  Let others trip and fall over them.   Not Capricorn.

There are Capricorns who are deliciously romantic – who understand the strange light of the moon and the glorious colors of the butterfly’s wing.  But they won’t let their emotions blind them to the facts.   Public scenes and raw, naked, uncontrolled passions embarrass them.

An occasional Capricorn will forget to hide his ambition, and refuse to work unless he’s at the head of things.  Then he becomes a stubborn goat who insists on starting at the top of the ladder, where he feels he belongs.  Naturally, such an attitude produces a gloomy, pessimistic, cold and selfish person who’s impossible to satisfy. 

Saturn-rule youngsters idolize ancestors and elders.  Respect for the wisdom of age and experience is ingrained in the Saturnine nature.

You’ll seldom find the straight, well-shaped Capricorn nose stuck in other people’s business or the Saturn tongue wagging in gossip.  They won’t often hand out unsolicited advice, but when you deliberately seek their practical wisdom, they won’t hesitate to give it with stern overtones. They’ll expect you to accept it too.

The practical goat rarely leaps into business or marriage unless he’s prepared financially for the former and emotionally for the latter.  These people will do strange things for security.  Old age is constantly on the Saturnine mind.

In childhood, Capricorns are inclined to be weaker, more sickly than other youngsters, but both strength and resistance to disease increase with age.  Saturn people should be able to avoid doctors and hospitals, but they don’t because fear, uncertainty, worry and gloom are deadlier than germs.  No amount of practical diet, conservative habits and stubborn resistance to illness can overcome the dangers of pessimism.  Capricorns who want to avoid sickness should have plenty of outdoor exercise, and develop a more positive, outgoing personality.  The goat must seek the sunlight and laugh at the rain to stay healthy.

She’s such a shy, sweet soul, a trifle stubborn perhaps, but gentle about it.  She seems so harmless.  What a safe person to trust and confide in – how pleasantly she builds your ego.  Who could hurt her or suspect her of ambition?  All the while, Capricorn is using your own weaknesses, conceits and jealousies to make himself stronger.

The goat submerges his ego to gain what this ego truly desires – the position of the real leader.  With kindly, but stern, cautious wisdom he guards the past from neglect and protects the present form confusion, so he can build tomorrow safely.
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The Capricorn Man

He has a self-made brick wall around him.  He’s shy, but he’s strong and tough.  He’s pleasant, but he’s fiercely ambitious.  Like the legendary, silent, earthy cowboy, the Capricaorn man seems to prefer to be alone.  He doesn’t.  Not really.

Secretly, Capricorn yearns for adulation.  In his dreams the goat is an incurable romantic, but Saturn chains his nature.  The stern planet of discipline demands of him calm behavior, practical actions, and serious intent.  This is his cross, and it’s often a heavy one to bear.

Turn a steady, dependable Capricorn male inside out, and you’ll find a merry, gentle dreamer who longs for the free wind to blow through his hair and finds the sweet fragrance of compliments intoxicating – who hungers for excitement and thirst for adventure.  Only a chosen few can release this lonely soul from his secret prison.  You cannot change his basic, Saturnine personality.

Capricorns pretend they can live without compliments, and the way they behave when they get one is pretty convincing proof.

Actually, he desperately needs to be told he is good, clever, handsome, desirable and interesting, but since he’ll seldom make his need visible, he gets few orchids.  Consequently, he may be a little rusty, and won’t know quite what to do when someone openly admires him, so he covers his embarrassment by making a wry joke or ignoring it, a reaction which can freeze people into deciding never to risk flattering that poker face again.  The impression is created that he hates compliments, so he gets even fewer.  He needs to be seen as the truly great guy he is.  Nature and the stars keep him from advertising.  You’ll have to be his press agent.

He is a late bloomer.  He’s as serious as an owl in his youth, but he’ll relax gradually as he matures, and if he’s a typical Capricorn, he may end up as the youngest looking and acting man in the group.

A love affair with a Capricorn man, provided it ends in marriage, is like having dessert last, where it belongs.

He’s a safer bet for fidelity than most other Sun signs, because the Capricorn man practically burns incense at the family altar.  He’s very reverent about family ties.  That includes the family he’s created with you and his own family, which has been the object of his devotion since childhood.

It wouldn’t do to insult his mother or be cool to his brother.  Be prepared to love your in-laws, even if they’re about as lovable as prickly cactus.
You may bump into a Capricorn who has open contempt for his relatives, or who has bitterly cut family ties and never looked back – but scratch the surface of his independence and you’ll find a deep, emotional wound in his past that originally caused such untypical behavior.

The goat will pick a girl who will be a good mother.  The she’ll have to be  agood cook and housekeeper.  After that, she’ll have to dress well to impress his business associates and friends, and preferably be a cut above them in background, manners, breeding and intelligence.  Last of all, he’ll make a quick check to see if she’s beautiful or if she appeals to his physical senses.

After he has proposed – put your foot down, firmly.  Let him know you love his folks dearly, but he’s the one whose bed and board you’ve chosen to share.

A nice gift for your Capricorn husband would be a book of poems, the more romantic the better.  If you don’t train  him early in the art of affectionate expression, you may become a well-provided for wife who’s adored and warmly appreciated – with a perfect dear for a husband – but who is almost emotionally starved.

As a father, he’ll be a Father – the literal personification of the word.  He’ll always be at the head of the table, and that goes for picnics, too.  He’ll demand respect and obedience, and he’ll insist on routine and discipline.  Capricorn grandpas make great baby sitters.

Capricorn abhors divorce, so it won’t happen often, but when it does, it’s final.  To be blunt, when he’s had it -  he has had it.

Your Saturnine husband may regulate love-making to a schedule, along with shopping, correspondence, doing his banking, visiting museums of art galleries and cleaning his gun and trophy collection. 

The practical Capricorn is interested in the physical side of love long after other husbands resort to poetry to express their emotions.  After he’s retired, he’ll have more time to develop his technique of affection.  He won’t be a fiery lover who courts you with starry eyes and passionate, flowery speeches.  But he’ll protect you from all your feminine fears.  He’s a tough guy with a gentle heart.
The Capricorn Woman

A Capricorn woman may decorate the society columns, smile demurely behind a political candidate husband or pour mysterious liquids into test tubes.  But whatever she’s doing and whatever she’s wearing, Saturn will rule her actions and her secret aims.

She can be ultra-feminine, flirtatious and charming enough to make a man feel like a giant grizzly bear who can protect her from the cold, cruel world.  Or she can be icy, quiet and aloof, sitting securely on her marble pedestal and challenging you to be clever enough to win her superior hand.  Whichever personality she projects, underneath her womanly wiles or her practical, sensible manner, she has the same goal – a steely determination to snag the right man, who can become important , make her proud and be a good father to her children.

The thing to understand is that the Capricorn goals are security, authority, respect and position. 

One or another, the Capricorn woman will get her recognition.  Some of them get it by writing books, lecturing, painting or composing music.  It’s surprising how many Capricorns of both sexes have unusual artistic talent.  Perhaps it seems from an innate sense of balance and harmony, knowing what is pleasing and what is right or correct.

The goat must climb.  Whether the starting position is high or low, the top of the hill is where she finds the view more satisfying.

One of the most typical and delightful things about this woman is her natural breeding and grace of manner.

Any man who’s involved in a relationship with the female goat should learn a basic fact about this Sun sign.  She seems to be more even-tempered and emotionally steady than she actually is.  Her manner may convince you that she’s as firm as a rock and nothing can ruffle her calm surface.  The truth is that she’s subject to many moods.

If she feels mistreated or unappreciated, she’ll brood for days, weeks, even months.  She calls it being sensible or practical, but Saturnine gloominess, pessimism and depression, are much more deeply rooted than that.  They’re triggered by fear of the future, worry about the present, shame over the past – or a suspicion that she’s being made fun of or is inadequate in some way.  These women do not accept teasing lightly.  Keep it at a minimum.  To be honest, they find it impossible to see the joke when theyre the victims.

It’s hard for her to relax in romantic situations.  There’s plenty of physical desire under the cool Capricorn surface, far more than most people suspect, and it’s never satisfied casually.  Capricorns don’t believe in vague dreams that glide aimlessly through a misty, blue sky.  They want to know where the ship of romance is taking them, and that it’s sailing on safe waters.  Build a firm foundation under your house if you plan to carry a Capricorn girl over the threshold. 

Things must be correct and tradition must be observed at all costs.  She doesn’t mind buying a dress that’s on sale, as long as it bears the right label.

Capricorn women have a fresh beauty of their own.  You’ll rarely find one who’s not unusually attractive.  Great music stirs her deeply, and she’s an enchanted patron of almost any art form. 

Take care of the food and rent and then pursue the dream, whatever it may be, is the Capricorn motto.  Also make sure that the dream is worth pursuing.  She sees nothing glamorous or magical about failure. 

You may have to share your Capricorn wife with causes.  She’ll be a tireless worker for the poor and the defenseless, but she may prefer to show her charity in group efforts, rather than to individuals.  Saturnine sympathies are usually organized, seldom scattered.  Female Capricorns are natural leaders of women’s clubs.

Since many Capricorn females have sensitive skin, they don’t wear much make-up.   Lots of them are allergic to it.   But nature rewarded them with natural beauty that needs little gilding, and they’ll keep it long after the roses have faded from the checks of other women.  Some of them startle you with lovely complexions, firm features and bright eyes at the age of eighty and older.

Patiently help your Capricorn woman overcome her lack of personal confidence.  There’s a deep richness in her love that’s more lasting than the brittle, scorching, demanding love of other women.  The Capricorn maiden could look deep into the eyes of an awkward frog and see that he’s really a prince in disguise.