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Health in your Hands
Of all kinds of happiness the best happiness is good health l.e. freedom from any worries about one’s body or diseases.  That is why we should know more about our body and how to look after it.

The greatest wonder in this cosmos is the human body.  Our body is equipped with the best, automatic, delicate and the most powerful machines – Heart and Lungs – a non-stop pumping set; Eyes – wonderful camera-cum-projector.  Ears astounding sound system; Stomach – a wonderful chemical laboratory; Nerves – miles of communication system; Brain-unparalleled computer with infinite capacity.  And the greatest thing about it is the unbelievable coordination of all these machines so that this body can easily work for over a hundred years.

It is true that the system of our body is very intricate.  But to maintain it is very easy.  Nature has provided in our body an “inbuilt mechanism” to maintain these machines and to repair them if need be. This science of health which makes use of this inbuilt mechanism is popularly known as Acupressure.  This therapy is the most precious gift to mankind from the Creator Himself.

The word “acupressure” is related to “acupuncture”.  “Acu” means a needle and to “puncture” means to “pierce”.  Acupuncture means the art of treating diseases by piercing specific points in the body.  Acupressure means the art of treating diseases by applying pressure on specific points with the help of one’s thumb or unpointed things.


These five elements are controlled by the Electricity of the body known in the West as Bio–Electricity.  The current of electricity, “Chetana”, comes from this non-changeable Life Battery. This battery has been installed in our body at the time of conception. The white dazzling light generated this battery can be seen in the middle of forehead with eyes closed.
Our body consist of five basic elements:
Water Wood/Earth Fire Air Space
Controlled by Electricity of Life Battery known as
Chi (Positive) Chen (Positive)
Out of this battery, electric current (chetana) passes in the body through lines shown in the Figure.  These lines known as “Meridians” start from the tip of each finger of the right hand, go all over the body and end in the toes of the right leg and so also on the left side.  Now so long as this current of electricity flows properly in the body, the body remains fit and healthy.

If for any reason this current does not reach any part of the body, there is malfunctioning of that part accompanied by pain in some cases.  If not attended to in time, it may invite illness. 

So, if the current is properly sent to that part, the pain, if any, would subside and the disease or malfunctioning of that part would be cured. 

Thus acupressure is the Science of Nature which teaches us to cure diseases through the inbuilt mechanism of the body – the technique of how to send the current to all the desired parts of the body.
Acupressure treatment is as simple and easy that any layman – even a child of five years – can learn it.

The switch board of the electric current flowing in our body is located in the two palms and soles.  Click the pictures below and you will see the location of the different switch points.  In these figures you will find the names of the organs and endocrine glands to which these switch points are connected.

Most of the organs and endocrine glands are in the right side and left side of the body and so their corresponding points are on the right and left palms and soles.  However, as the Heart and the Spleen are on the left side of the body, their corresponding points are only on the left palm and sole.  In the same way, Liver, Gall Bladder and Appendix are on the right side of the body and so their corresponding switches are only on the right palm and sole.
Left Hand
Right Hand
(Click pictures to enlarge)
Solar Plexus (Point no. 29)

This is also known as “Nabhi  Chakra” – the controlling centre for all the organs below the diaphragm.   It is important to check the position of Solar Plexus before starting any treatment.  Solar plexus is like the mainspring of a watch.  Unless it is set right treatment may not give the desired results.

Methods to confirm whether the Solar plexus is in order or not:

        1. In the morning, on an empty stomach.  If you press your finger or thumb on the
            navel, you will feel a throbbing sound just like that of the heart.  That means the
            system is O.K.

       2. The distance between the right nipple and navel and the left nipple and navel
            will be equal when Solar Plexus is in order.  Otherwise, by measuring the
            distances, you can find out whether the centre has shifted upward or

        3. Lie down on your back.  Keep the arms (hands) straight on you sides.  Keep
            legs straight and the toes upright.  The two big toes must be in level.  If they
            are not, it indicates disturbance of the Solar plexus.

This center shifts upward or downward when excess weight is lifted or when there is severe gas trouble.  In such cases this throbbing will not be noticed in the centre of the navel, but it will be noticed somewhere around the navel.  The upward shifting of the Solar Plexus leads to constipation and downward shifting brings more motions every time there is pressure.  This cannot be cured by drugs.  And when these problems persist, it can damage the digestive system and may require an operation.  It may even lead to cancer.  One the causes of Cancer of Colon (lower and greater part of the large intestine)is regular constipation which is allowed to persist too long.  IN such cases, it has been found that this Solar Plexus has moved upwards.

Methods of bringing the Solar Plexus to order:

It is to be done only on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

        1. By pushing the throbbing towards the centre of the navel.

       2. By putting weight on the navel and trying to press it towards the centre.

        3. Lie down on your back.  Keep the arms straight on the sides.  Ask someone to
            apply pressure on the knees, more pressure on the knee of the leg of which the
            big toe is at a higher level. And if necessary, ask another person to hold the
            two big toes in hand and try to pull up the big toe which is lower.  Repeat this
            action f both toes have not come in level.

        4. By putting up a small oil lamp/candle on the navel  (a coin or something can be
            kept on the navel as a base to hold the candle), cover it with a metal glass and
            hold it for a minute (see figure).  The air inside will burn out and a vacuum will
            be created.  This vacuum will bring the Solar Plexus to the centre.  Then lift the
            glass upwards after one minute.  Repeat this three or four times till the
            throbbing is felt at the centre.


Whenever the complaint about constipation or loose motions continues, first check up the Solar plexus.
Energy (Point No. 32}:

When you feel tired or have passed sleepless nights, you will feel pain on the point, which means recharging is not done properly. It is essential at such a time to give treatment on that point and drink lukewarm water, preferably Health Drink.

Webs : Over and above all these points, it is necessary to apply pressure on the webs, the large one is situated between the thumb and the first finger and the small ones are between the fingers. And so also between the toes. These webs are the starting points for the nerves and so pressure should be applied on these points daily.
Method of Pressure :

According to this therapy, pressure is to be applied on and around all points on the two palms and soles only. That will send the current to the corresponding organs and activate them. For example, when you press Point No. 1 shown on the thumb, the current will flow to the brain. When you press deeper on the point of any of the endocrine glands which are called the controllers of all organs, the current is sent there and it corrects the function of that particular gland i.e. if the gland is functioning less effectively, it will be activated and normalised. However, if it is working more vigorously, it will reduce its activity and bring it to normal. Thus simply by applying pressure on the points of the endocrine glands, we are able to control these glands.

Pressure can be applied by pressing with the thumb or the first finger on the point or with unsharpened pencil, etc or by massaging that point and around it clockwise. The pressure is to be applied intermittently like pumping and continued pressure is to be avoided. This action is to be repeated for 1 to 2 minutes.
  5. Lie down on your back, keep the
       arms on the sides and the head
       on the ground without pillow.  Lift
       both  the legs  and bring them up
       90 degree from the ground as
       shown .  Afterwards, bring the legs
       as slowly as possible on the
       ground keeping the legs straight
       without lifting the head fro the
       ground.  Repeat the  same 5 to 6
       times and feel the throbbing.
How much pressure to be applied : The pressure to be applied should be just enough for you to be able to feel it.

However, on all the points of the endocrine glands, viz. Point Nos. 3, 4, 8, 14, 15, 16, 25, 28 and 38 which are situated in the middle of the body, deeper pressure is to be applied. This can be done with the vertical thumb as shown in the figure or with an unsharpened pencil or a wooden stick..
Body – its subdivisions:  Our body is divided into two parts-the right side and the left side.  For anything wrong with the organs or parts of the right side of the body, treatment is to be given on the corresponding points of the palm of the fight hand or the sole of the right foot, and vice versa on the left side.

Further, the body is subdivided into front and back. For the Spine, Nerves, Back, Lower Lumbago, Sciatic Nerves and Hips, pressure is to be applied on the back of the palms and soles.  But for all other organs and endocrine glands, the pressure is to be applied on the palms or soles. Refer to pictures.

Duration : For the treatment of any disease or organ, pressure is to be applied for 1 to 2 minutes and this is to be repeated three times a day. The treatment should be contin¬ued till the pain on that point subsides.

Threefold Benefits of Acupressure :

Acupressure helps in three ways : (1) Prevention of diseases (2) Early Diagnosis of diseases (3) Cure of diseases.

(1) How to maintain good health : You will observe that all the points on palms are upto 1 inch of the wrist. So without bothering about where different points are situated, you should start pressing from one inch from wrist i.e. Point No. 16 and slowly press the full palm and all the fingers on both the front and back side. By pressing both the palms or soles for five minutes each, you will cover all the points-thus stimulating all the organs of the body. It is like complete alignment of the car. And when all the organs are properly stimulated and working properly, you will feel more agile and energetic and can maintain good health.

For Children under 15 : For maintaining general good health and physical development of children below 15, pressure is to be applied on each palm and sole for 2 to 3 minutes each.

Don't forget that continuous pressure is not to be applied but only intermittent pressure like pumping is to be applied as mentioned above.

Prevention of Sickness or Disease : This is a very unique feature of this therapy. When you press all the points of either palms or soles daily for about 10 minutes, all the organs are activated and recharged like a battery cell and all the endocrine glands are normalized. Net result of this is that all the organs and glands of the body get properly aligned and they function properly, as a result of which health is maintained and the possibility of any type of disease, including that of Cancer, is greatly reduced.

(2) Wonderful Way of Diagnosis-Medical Check-up: By taking this treatment (pressing all the points daily for 10 minutes) you not only maintain good health but also get a FREE MEDICAL CHECK-UP.

It may so happen that when you had pressed all the points yesterday, there was no pain on any point; it means that you were in good health. But today when you press all the points, you may find some pain inside or around some point; that means that there is something wrong with the organ connected with that point. And this disturbance has developed in the body during the last 24 hours. Any pain or disease of any organ or part of the body is reflected in the corresponding points of the palms or soles. That is why this therapy is also called 'Reflexology'. When you find the pain, it can be said in the language of electricity that the 'Fuse' has gone from only that part. That part would be found tender, so when you press, the part below that point hurts. Thus you become your Own Doctor and can diagnose the disease instantly without any cost or laboratory tests.

It is possible that for the first two days you may not get any response from your points because uptil now you have not used them. However, from the third day, you will start getting the response.

This method of diagnosis is a very unique feature of this therapy. It helps you to locate a developing disease even before its outward symptoms appear. For example, if you have eaten or drunk anything which contained germs of jaundice, the liver gets damaged and within 48 hours or less, you can find that the point related to liver (Point No. 23) is hurting. Now, jaundice is traced in blood after 4 days and in urine after 5 to 7 days. An early diagnosis of any disease is always the most important factor for its cure. You come to know what is wrong with you without any tests and can thus cure the disease at the earliest before it worsens in the body. Such early detection is possible also for Cancer which is utmost necessary in controlling it.

(3) Cure : As laymen, we are not much interested in knowing the name of the disease. We are more interested in getting rid of it once we diagnose it by the above method. The cure is very simple. After you have pressed your palms or soles for 10 minutes as a daily routine and located the points where it hurts, you apply pressure for 2 minutes at a time only on the points where it pains. Repeat this treatment 3 times during 24 hours. This treatment is to be continued only till you feel pain on that point. When the pain is removed, the disease is also removed with it and you are cured. Then this extra treatment is to be stopped. As this therapy is based on bio-electricity, the relief is many times faster than even by injections. Therefore, sometimes the pain goes away within \ to 1 minute only.

In case the symptoms of the disease initially aggravate during the treatment, it is a clear sign that this treatment is working properly. Nature wants to remove the disease from the body and so when you take this treatment, sometimes the symptoms initially aggravate. For example, when you have cold and headache, you will find pain on Point Nos. 1 to 7 and 34. When you take treatment by pressing them the congested water is thrown out of the body so the nose may start running or you may start sneezing. But once the root cause is removed, the cold will be cured very soon.

In the case of a chronic disease, you will start getting some relief-improvement within 8 to 10 days and with continued treatment the illness will be completely cured.

The motto is : If you feel pain, press it out.

Position : Treatment can be taken in any position convenient to you i.e. while sitting, lying, standing or even travelling. Therefore, no special time is needed for taking this treatment. This treatment can be taken by the patient himself or can be given by others. For example, children or invalids can be given this treatment by parents or others.

Limitation : Most of the diseases are cured with this treatment. However, if you do not find even 15% improve¬ment after taking the treatment for 12 to 15 days, it indicates that the damage/illness is severe and that you are in need of further assistance by way of change in diet, medical assis¬tance or even hospitalization.

Time : Though this treatment can be taken any time during the 24 hours, of a day, it is advisable to avoid it within one hour after meals.

Side Effects : An important feature of this treatment is that there are no side effects. The treatment is harmless and can be safely given even to a one day old child. As there are no side effects, you can take this treatment as a daily routine and make it a life style.

You will discover that by making it a regular habit to take this treatment-

    (1)  All the organs will be recharged and all the endo¬crine glands will be controlled, thus leading to the proper functioning of the body and reducing the possibility of illness.

     (2)  You get a free daily medical check-up and anything wrong in your body is found out immediately.

     (3)   You can cure the disease at the earliest; thus you become your own Doctor.

     (4)   You will be free not only from minor diseases like cold, headache, cough etc. but also from dreaded diseases like Cancer, Heart-attack, Blood Pressure, Paralysis, Diabetes, etc. The net result will be that you will enjoy perfect Health.

Anaesthetic Effect: If continued pressure on any point is applied for more than 3 minutes, it creates an anaesthetic effect on the organ connected with it. If the points are on fingers, clothes-pins or rubber bands can be used as shown in picture  below. In case the tips of fingers or toes become blue, this pressure should be removed. Such continued pressure on corresponding points is very useful during severe headache, stomach-ache etc. For toothache, continuous pressure is to be applied on the tips of the fingers relating to that particular tooth. (See  picture.)

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How to prevent Old age and maintain youthfulness

Death is certain.  But everybody would like to maintain good health till the last breath.
The current of Life (Chetana) is discharge from the body from the right hand. The central point fo this current is one inch circle on the front part of the right hand between the wrist and the elbow.  By giving two minutes treatment i.e. intermittent pressure on this point, the excess discharge of Chetana is controlled.  This will enable all to maintain youthfulness for a longer period and delay the old age.  This treatment is a must for all men and women after the age of 45.

It is interesting to note that regular treatment on this point even by aged people will greatly benefit them and they will start feeling more energetic younger and less tires.